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Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen

Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen is not for the faint of heart and Playa del Carmen in one of the top sites in the world for diving with bull sharks.  Bull Shark season is November through March.  Best dives are in the morning.

Bull sharks are very large creatures; they are not shy and often pass near the divers. This is a normal behavior for them; it will definitely be an adrenaline rush.  Diving with Bull Sharks is a lifetime experience.

Diving with the bull sharks is usually at 80 ft. Couple of key points:

  • you will have to stay in your assigned place.
  • small fish are used to attract the sharks which can cause them to get excited.
  • Prices average $145 USD (with partial refund if you do not see sharks).   $20 USD for rental equipment
  • As of January 1, 2020 there is a $2 per person fee for those participating in water activities for conservation and protection of reefs in the Playa del Carmen area.
  • NOTE: It is a good idea to check local weather conditions a couple of days before your arrival.

So if you’re up for this high-octane adventure, check it out this trip of a lifetime!

Plsaya del Carmen is the winter destination for many North Atlantic Bull Sharks.  They often arrive in early November till the middle of December and stay until the mid or end of March.

Jardines Deep is where most dive centers in the area head for their Bull Shark dives. The dives are in 80 feet/25 meters of water with a bottom time of about 25 minutes, visibility about 50 feet.

The bull shark is considered an aggressive shark species, yet many scuba divers who are seeking a real sense of adventure and who are out to get their adrenaline pumping hard will specifically look for opportunities around the world that will allow them to get right into the water with these formidable creatures.