Dr. Laura Leli Carmine

Welcome to our site. My husband, Terry, and I have been going to Playa del Carmen since 1993. We’ve been to beaches all over the world (Australia, France, Spain, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, etc) and Playa is my favorite beach (I am a beach girl).

Every year we’d make more and more trips to Playa. We finally decided to invest in the area that we love and have purchased a couple of condo/hotel units that we rent out.  It’s been an experience doing this in another country.  We are very proud of the 5 boutique properties, the El Taj Collection,  all either on the beach or within 100 steps of the beach, and all within the Premier Zone of Playa del Carmen.

We offer El Taj Ocean, Porto Playa, El Taj Beach, Maya Villa and Villas Sacbe to anyone visiting Playa del Carmen.

Take advantage of our web site where we try to provide tips and information on places to stay, restaurants, tourist attractions, and things to do in Playa.

Please contact me with any suggestions, comments or questions or for rates and availability.

Laura Leli Carmine