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Playa del Carmen Restaurant Recommendations

You can wander the side streets, but the real action is 5th Ave. People always ask us where we like to go. The following are some of our favorites. We’re also known to do a progressive dinner: bruschetta and wine at one place, ceasar salad at another, etc.

Avenues go north and south. Calle’s go east and west. Avenue numbers aren’t what you expect, it goes 5th, 10th, 15th, then 30th. Calle’s are even numbers only. El Taj Ocean is located at 1st Ave. and Calle 16, This would be the heart of everything, including beaches, restaurants, ferries, shops, etc.

5th Ave. is the pedestrian only street and extends about 2 miles. It runs north and south, parallel to the beach. It is filled with open air restaurants and shops. At night, it is where all the people walk.

Constituyentes is a major east/west street. It is 1 block north of Porto Playa Condo Hotel. Most of the restaurants, shops and action are south of Constitutiyante. On 5th Ave, north of Constitutiyante is Little Italy. Ten years ago there was almost nothing here. It is really developing and there are new restaurants every time we come here. Restaurants here are a few dollars less than restaurants south of Constituyentes

The following restaurants are all on Fifth Ave. unless otherwise noted. Many business cards are in guest book in our unit. Sometimes there are discount cards in the lobby. You can get a grilled fish fillet and a beer for $10 or less at several of these.

Our Favorite Restaurants are  Casa MediterraneaDa GigiPiola’s, Origenes, and Los Aguachile.